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By Angelina Gurule on Thursday, September 29th, 2011 | Industry News, Local Search

We’ve been pretty quiet over here at Local Search Traffic, but don’t worry; we’ve stayed up to date on the recent trends and news.  With the ever changing engines, algorithms, and news that go on in the industry, we’ve been busy in our Denver office optimizing PPC campaigns, diving into maps & as my colleague Kevin likes to say, “Makin’ mad spreadsheets, yo!”

Here’s some of the information we’ve been staying up on:

The Google LatLong Blog has a new layout.  Along with a few others, Google is testing out a few new blog templates for Blogger, called Dynamic Views.  These templates are meant to make readers explore blogs in different ways.  From what I’ve used, I think I like the magazine layout the best.  It’s a lot easier to navigate.  Which layout is your favorite?

In addition to the changes of the LatLong Blog, +1 gets displayed on Display Ads.  Social-enabled ad campaigns will be working across the globe.  Think of what this will mean for your local campaign.  Not only will people in the area see your ad, but now they will see recommendations from the people in their circles as well.

Our team has also been busy and some even attended the Foodservice Social Media Universe in San Francisco last week. We met a lot of great restaurants that are still finding their way through the social media landscape. There were a lot of discussions on what has worked what hasn’t and what is preventing them from moving forward with social media; lessons and questions not entirely unique to the foodservice industry. We’re here to help! And we look forward to next year’s conference.

Last but certainly not least, our very own video department here at Location3 along with production partner LIGHTGROUP earned a Bronze Telly Award for “Local Search Traffic,” a digital video featuring clickable technology.  Rather than us telling you how amazing the video is, we wanted to let you take a look for yourself:

“Local Search Traffic” Video Earns Telly Award

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